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Medical polymer materials production

Medical polymer splint is made of a polymer material made with a polymer compound based materials. Polymer material is a material from a higher molecular weight compound, including rubber, plastics, fibers, paints, adhesives and polymer composites, polymer is the existence of life forms. All forms of life can be seen as a high molecular geometry.

By use of a polymer material is divided into ordinary polymer materials and functional polymer materials. In addition to the general function of the mechanical properties of polymer materials having polymer insulation and thermal properties, but also has a conversion of matter, energy and information transfer and storage of special custom features. High molecular information has practical conversion, transmission and storage of special custom features. Already have a high molecular information into useful materials, transparent polymer materials, polymer simulation enzymes, biodegradable polymer materials, shape memory polymer materials and medical polymer materials.

Polymer splint is a multi-layer by a polyurethane, polyester permeable polymer fibers. Polyurethane material is a block copolymer containing soft segments, and he has a good tack, fast curing, curing light intensity and quality advantages hard. The product should be in the medical field because he has good biocompatibility, animal experiments and acute and chronic toxicity test confirmed that medical polyurethane non-toxic, non-induced distortion effect on the local non-irritating and allergic reactions.

Simple polymer splint use, you can choose the specifications according to different parts without doctor wearing gloves, after opening the package, the splint soaked in water at room temperature into five to six seconds, while pressing two to three times. The patient needs to be fixed in the plywood covering the site with gauze bandage or elastic bandage can be.

Polymer bandage material directly affects the characteristics of their products, convenient, comfortable and safe, specifications and diverse. These are the medical polymer bandage of all product features.


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