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Oral hygiene maintenance methods

Check the health of the gums, periodontal probes need to be checked on probing gingival sulcus status were divided into four levels, 0-level representatives of the gums is normal; a representative of the mild gingivitis, bleeding gums Mild, Touch probe no bleeding; 2 represents poisoning gingivitis, gum congestion, Touching blood; three representative highlighted the degree of gingivitis, gingival swelling phenomenon obviously, spontaneous bleeding, gingival pocket obvious.

Since wearing appliance is not conducive to the maintenance of oral hygiene, but also impede the physiological role of oral self-cleaning, rinse the saliva in the local ability to regulate weakened, leading to partial plaque and food debris, debris accumulation, stimulate periodontal tissue inflammation. Some foreign research reports, around wearing orthodontic dental plaque microbial composition may vary with rings and brackets after certain conditions are pathogenic bacteria become pros and cons, and become a latent factor caused gingivitis. Therefore, during wear the appliance, the washing can be used to conduct a comprehensive clean-gingivitis oral ensure clean oral hygiene, can effectively kill harmful bacteria, to protect the role of the oral cavity.

After the fixed appliance, since archwire and end ligation impeded, making it difficult to achieve when brushing clean the food residue, forming plaque in favor of the emergence and development of an enabling environment, it can easily lead to the occurrence of gingivitis.

Full mouth supragingival scaling when former orthodontic patients to maintain a healthy state of periodontal tissue inflammation line anti-inflammatory essential. Oral health education to reduce the incidence of gingivitis have an important role. Remind parents of young patients should be more supervision, and to remind doctors to improve the wear orthodontic appliance carefully into the extent, to avoid the bond issue together gingivitis. Referral of patients for each examination, to take scaling technique, mouthwash and drug combination therapy if gingivitis.

Overall, the incidence of gingivitis, or closely associated with endocrine levels, eating habits of life, the length of treatment time, biasing methods and appliance types.

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