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Medical X-ray film composition

Medical X-ray film has some very important ingredients, gelatin is a medical X-ray film is an indispensable constituent. Gelatin is extracted from animal bones out of the plastic material. Pale yellow. Effect gelatin silver halide crystals is attached to the film base, in a permanent state of suspension, without touching each other, stacked.

Gelatin emulsion sensitivity can be improved, with silver ions interact to form an unstable chromium compounds. A halogen atom absorption. Gelatin or a protective colloid, silver salt particles do not touch each other, remain independent structure. After the gelatin swell the porous nature, in favor of film production and rinse.

Gelatin nature melt condensation. Viscous strong. Gelatin has a strong role in the film. But there is no stability.

Medical X-ray film without pigment, the feeling is excited by the X-ray fluorescence under blue-violet, called color blindness sheet. The green-sensitive photographic film sheets and indirect pigment is added to the emulsion, alter the absorption peak of the emulsion to improve sensitivity.

Film base is a film support, the decision of the mechanical properties of the film, cellulose esters are cellulose nitrate film base ester film base and cellulose triacetate film base. Cellulose nitrate film base, in 1889 began to use, scalability, and water resistance characteristics are good, the disadvantage is pyrophoric, during World War II was replaced by cellulose acetate.

Cellulose acetate is the group can be divided into diacetate and triacetate film base film base. Feature is easy spontaneous combustion, high chemical stability. But the disadvantage is more brittle texture, not cold, poor mechanical strength, the development process is easy to produce the phenomenon of income claims. First multi-polyester film base of support, especially in automatic washing machine.

Dry Laser medical X-ray film imaging step-outs are generally divided into five steps: 1, infrared laser scanning film and form a latent image; the film 2, after exposure to heat treatment with heat-sensitive drum; 3, the heating temperature is controlled at 1220C , time control in 15 seconds; 4, heat photosensitive silver halide is reduced to silver atoms, and accumulate in the center of the latent image; when a sufficient number of latent constitute visible impact.

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