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Polymer Manufacturing material resolved

Manufacture of medical polymer materials are mainly made of polyurethane, a polyurethane elastomer is made of a soft segment composed of alternating mosaic contains many polar polymers NHCOO group, is having good mechanical properties, blood compatibility and biocompatibility of medical polymer materials.

Polyurethane elastomers are widely used in biomedical, and it has the excellent performance are inseparable. Its main properties include six o'clock respectively: 1, excellent anti-clotting properties, 2, meet the medical requirements for toxicity; 3, good biocompatibility and clinical applications. No teratogenic effect, no allergic reaction, resolves natural rubber latex medical products occurring protein allergy and carcinogenic nitrosamines precipitated two issues, thus becoming many natural latex medical products, replacement products; 4, with excellent toughness and elasticity , processing performance, and diverse processing methods, is to produce various types of medical elastomer products material of choice; 5, has excellent wear resistance, soft touch, moisture resistance, resistance to various chemical properties; 6, can use the usual The method of sterilization, exposure to rays and the same performance, can be adapted to the required medical environment.

PU elastomers are widely used in biomedical and health field, it has become an important medical polymer materials. Depending on the use of hard segment PU, PU development can be divided into three generations; the first generation of PU aromatic diisocyanate hard segment; the second generation of PU to the aliphatic diisocyanate hard segment; the third generation of PU is biodegradable type elastomer. Among them, the first-generation and second-generation PU PU are required to have biological stability, which in the course of their degradation do not want to, as tissue engineering of extracellular matrix material put forward higher requirements, the third generation of PU biodegradable PU, PU is in the third generation of research and development stage, not yet industrialized, but its prospects are very good. Commercialization of materials and application of the first generation and second generation of PU PU.

The disadvantage of polyurethane not natural degradation are also increasingly become an obstacle to its development, it brought the issue of waste pollution of the environment, therefore, the development of biodegradable polyurethane materials become one of the ideal ways to solve this problem.

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