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Fetal ultrasound monitoring role

As medical science and social development to a certain extent, prenatal and postnatal care, improve population quality has been naturally raised to an important position. Soon the body of the fetus in the mother's health is a necessary medicine, fetal ultrasound monitoring has become an important part of perinatal care.

Observe the fetus to continuous systematic observation embryo by ultrasound, fetal organs normal development and evolution, there are a number of indicators can evaluate the development of the fetus in the mother's case, while the fetal appendages, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, placenta monitoring system on the part of fetal malformations can make a diagnosis, can improve some important clinical diagnostic information.

Normal prenatal ultrasound obstetric and normal pregnant Chen select ultrasound time, frequency and main content. Ultrasound screening for fetal abnormalities products currently mainly in the following three stages unfold: the first is the early pregnancy ultrasound, the general proposition between eleven to thirteen weeks. The second thing trimester ultrasound examination, the general idea twenty weeks twenty-four weeks in between. The third is playing pregnancy ultrasound, the general idea among thirty-two to thirty-four weeks. Early pregnancy ultrasound irreplaceable trimester ultrasound examination, ultrasound in pregnancy is not a substitute late pregnancy ultrasound, only three combined can achieve higher inspection rate.

Early indications pregnant Chen ultrasound is generally six kinds. Intrauterine pregnancy is determined (fetal heart tube pulse, growth and development). Pregnant Chen diagnosis of multiple births. Time of menopause is not clear, the need is estimated gestational age. Chen discharge ectopic pregnancy. Clear reasons for vaginal bleeding. Months and pregnant uterine size does not match the required discharge mole like.

Early pregnancy ultrasound need to observe the project: the uterus and accessories, pregnant sac appears time and form, the embryo and yolk sac. The average normal yolk sac at about five millimeters, the maximum can not exceed seven millimeters, too large may be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes related to miscarriage may be too small.

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