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Umbilical cord ligation correct way

Umbilical cord links the fetus and placenta is the organ of the strip, one end of the link in the fetal abdominal umbilical round, and the other end attached to the fetal side of the placenta, there is an umbilical vein amnion gray zone, the two veins arteries, blood vessels around Watertown gum protection. The fetus through the umbilical cord blood and maternal circulation gas exchange, sales material supply, metabolism. If the cord compression resulting in blood flow is blocked, hypoxia can cause fetal distress, and even endanger the lives of fetuses. After birth the umbilical cord ligation to the establishment of the correct way to neonatal circulation system to prevent neonatal infection rates, especially for premature children, low birth weight children, the umbilical cord ligation and umbilical care is more important.

Cotton ligation method, this method is the most traditional method of ligation, classic style. First with 75% ethanol scrub around the navel root, then at a distance of 0.5cm at the root of the umbilical ligation with cotton thread first one, then the first two ligation roots at 1cm away from the navel, cut outside at the 2nd ligation 0.5cm at the umbilical cord. With 2.5% iodine and 75% ethanol disinfection umbilical cord stump, with the umbilical cord wrapped roll. The method of the seven cases chosen times stump bleeding when 100 cases of newborn umbilical cord ligation, the umbilical cord off time is about 15d, seven cases of infection.

Umbilical cord ligation

Umbilical cord ligation clip is off the umbilical cord after birth, at a distance of 2cm round at the use of umbilical cord clamp, then at a distance of about 0.5cm at correcting cord clamp the umbilical cord blood and squeeze out the residual umbilical cord stump, the stump with poly After the povidone-iodine solution sterilized with a sterile dressing, remove the exposed stump dressing bathing the next day.

After the valve core ligation is the use of 75% ethanol wipe around the navel root, root 1.0cm away from the navel of the clip has a valve core set of forceps, valve core ligation umbilical cord, cut the umbilical cord at 1cm away from the valve core with 2.5% iodine and 75% ethanol disinfection umbilical stump, release the forceps, with the umbilical cord wrapped roll.

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